TOPBAND has a reading room,dance room, psychological counseling room, etc.

There are more than ten associations such as mountaineering, basketball, board games, art, yoga, etc., providing employees with a rich spare time life.

Working Hours:5 days work per week, 40 hours per week
Salary:Monthly, quarterly awards, including year-end bonus; incentive systems corresponding equity for senior and core personnel; moreover, provide a good platform for your development and the promotion opportunity, We adjust salary at least once a year.
Employee benefits:Buy five insurances and to meet the requirements of the staff for a gold (injury insurance, medical insurance, endowment insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, housing provident fund) and provide Physical examination
Training welfare:Company will provide regular internal training, external training, online training, outdoor and other welfare.
Holiday welfare:Enjoy the holidays, marriage leave, and funeral leave, maternity leave, paid annual leave, and tourism at the national labor law.
Transfer accounts:To meet the requirements of the staff for Shenzhen Hukou procedures.
Residential welfare:To provide free accommodation (air conditioning, TV, water heater, the Internet and so on), and staff to work out a free shuttle bus.
Staff activities:Our company has  mountain climbing, badminton, swimming, soccer, basketball associations, We often organize activities