Heating&Air Condition

TOPBAND provides customized product solutions for global home appliance customers,with strong R&D and design capabilities, household appliance control product application technology and practical experience.

  • Home inverter air conditioner controller
  • Commercial inverter air conditioner controller

Core Technology:

Compressor and fan motor are sine wave drive

Single resistance current detection technology

Active PFC control technology

Low frequency torque and system vibration compensation technology

High frequency weak magnetic control technology

Adaptive PID frequency regulation algorithm

Electronic expansion valve throttling

Cloud intelligent control technology

Inverter Split Air Condictioner Controllers

Power Range: 9K, 12K, 18K, 24K

AC and DC fan for option.

Input Voltage: 160V-265V (9K &12K can choose 115V),50/60Hz,Working Temperature: -15 ℃~ 48 ℃

Inverter Cabinet Air Conditioner Controller

Power Range: 18K, 24K

AC and DC motor for option. LED, LCD and TFT displays for option.

Input Voltage: 160V-265V(50/60HZ)
Working Temperature: -15℃~ 48℃

Inverter Window Type and PTAC

Power Range: 7K, 9K, 12K, 8K, 24K

AC and DC motor for option

Input Voltage: 160V-265V (7K, 9K, 12K can use 115V) 50/60HZ

Working Temperature: -15℃~ 48℃