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  • Treadmill

1.Meeting safety requirements of CE, FCC, 3C.
2.High and low temperature aging life test
3.Electromagnetic vibration reliable work test

Function Brief
1.It is compatible with no speed sensor, magnetic sense and light perception through the engineering mode for option.
2.After a serious rigorous testing by the national CNAS laboratory, such as pressure, surge, group pulse, static electricity, high and low temperature, electric leakage and so on, our products reach test standards of EN60335.
3.The main relay adopts power supply circuit through hardware and software dual detection to prevent bursting, protecting controller and motor.
4.By automatic fault protection to report fault code, communication failure, stall failure, over-current fault, speed sensor failure, lifting motor failure, and make an explosion-proof, etc.
5.Our system combines with different manufacturers of main motors and lifting motor, which is easy for modification.