Large Kitchen Appliances

TOPBAND provides customized product solutions for global home appliance customers,with strong R&D and design capabilities, household appliance control product application technology and practical experience.

  • Microwave/Steamer/Oven

Product Description

These series products are mainly used for control of embedded microwave oven, steam oven and electric oven. It works with peripheral execution units and components to achieve full control of the oven. It is equipped with friendly user interface and an optional control unit. Features could be customized according to customer requirements.

Man-machine interface option:

Display: LED display, LCD, TFT,VFD display.

Key ways: tact switch, capacitive key, touch screen.

Knob mode: band switch, coding switch.(with mechanical adjustment function and baking temperature models).

Execution Parts :

Microwave oven: microwave tube, roast heating tube, motor, lamp.

Steam oven: steam generator, auxiliary heating tube, inlet valve, outlet valve.

Electric oven:top heating pipe, bottom heating pipe, back heating pipe(if it has double/triple heaters, each heater can be controlled independently). Fumace lights, cooling fan, convection fan, rotary motor and so on.

Temperature probe:Thermister, platinum resistor (PT100 or PT1000), thermocouple.

Technical parameter:

Voltage range: 90~203VAC.

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz.

Storage Environment: Temperature range-20℃~150℃;Humidity≤95%RH.

Operation Environment: the maximum ambient temperature is 105℃;Humidity≤95%RH.

Function introduction:(Some functions are only for TFT & WIFI model)

Timer function: working time programmable to realize the function of automatic baking. Real time, including second, minute, hour, date, month and year can be displayed.

Menu function: User can set the working mode and duration of the cooking and save it for future use. The saved parameter/menu can be modified by APP connection from a smart-phone or computer.

Customized menu function: User can configure 3 different menus and combine them together as customized menu. The menu can be saved for next time usage.

Menu Function: Menu could be preconfigured and saved for usage next time.

Humidification function: to humidify the food at pre-set time to ensure food surface moisture.

Child-lock function: to prevent misuse.

Cooling Fan: working automatically according to ambient temperature.

Fault alarm function:controller will be shut down with buzzer warning when failure is detected, error code will be displayed on the screen.

WIFI: connect Internet, install APP, automatically update menu.

Language: Multi-language is supported.

Performance introduction:

Microwave oven

Microwave control: Reliable design solution for microwave interference immunity, assistance for customer EMC validation could be provided by TOPBAND.

Steam oven

Water level: photoelectric technology is used to detect the water level, which makes it cleaner and safer because electric part is isolated from the water. Besides, it is easier for installation and has longer life.

Steam generating control: the heating could be divided into different phases, such as fast-cooking phase, heat-preservation phase, which makes use of the steaming at most efficient way.

Steam recycling control: the spare steam could be recycled to prolong the usage of the water, and also reduce the effect of the steam to the printed circuitry board.

Electric oven

Temperature field: TOPBAND team has mature theory and practice in temperature field with oven controller design experience of more than 10 years. The internal temperature of the oven is controlled evenly with ±5°tolerance and life of the controller is designed as at least 5 years.

Baking mode: upper heat, lower heat, back heat or any combination of them.

The convection fan-assisted functions: by comvection fan smart control to achieve uniform heating effect.

Barbecue fork rotation function.

Self-cleaning function: to incinerate cooking dirt and debris at about 500℃.

STICK temperature function: smart control by detecting temperature of the meat stick sensor.