TOPBAND shines at EES Europe 2023, building a more intelligent and low-carbon world!


The EES Europe 2023 was held at the Neue Messe Münchenin Munich, Germany from June 14-16, 2023. As the innovation leader in the new energy industry, TOPBAND brought its core products of cells, BMS, EMSand PCS (1C3S), small and medium-sized energy storage systems and new energyvehicles, two and three-wheelers and other related products and solutions to the fair themed " Building a more intelligent and low-carbon world".As one of the focuses at the fair, TOPBAND attracted a large number of visitorsto the booth to conduct deep technical communication and cooperation discussionwith TOPBAND and jointly explore the future development of new energy field.

TOPBAND's new energy business is mainly in medium and small-scale energy storage and new energy vehicles and its products include batteries, power supplies, controllers and motors. TOPBAND mainly provides customers with components and system solutions with its own core technologies of cells, BMS, PCS and EMS in the field of residential energy storage,industrial and commercial energy storage, portable energy storage and power backup storage. TOPBAND provides customers in the field of new energy vehicles,other special vehicles and two and three-wheelers with intelligent controllers and chargers with its integrated technology system of electronic control,motor, battery, power supply and IoT platform to support green and low-carbondevelopment.

TOPBAND showcased a series of energy storage and new energy vehicle products and solutions at the fair and the boutique areas were distinctive, showing its product innovation capability and technical strengthin the field of new energy. Star exhibits such as the residential energy storage, storge inverter, BMS for industrial and commercial energy storage, EV chargers and charging piles, were well received by the visitors.

Residential Energy Storage: TOPBAND's residential energy storage products include high and low-voltage stack-based, integrated off/on-grid, rack-mounted,wall-mounted and vertical types. Rack-mounted RS-R uses standard communication base station 3U chassis, which is cost-effective and easy to install. RS-R51100can be installed in 4 ways (wall-mounted, rack-mounted, stack-based andvertical), which can meet the demands in all household scenarios.

RS-R51100A uses the self-developed LFP cells,achieving a service life of over 6,000 cycles with the self-developed BMS.Besides, a single unit is of 51.2V100Ah, with a rated capacity up to 5.12kWhand supports 32PCS parallel connection to extend to 163.84kWh, easily adaptingto the high-power demands. Besides, RS-R51100A is compatible with mostinverters in power generation for own use, power backup and off-grid scenariosand has obtained many international certifications including IEC62619, UL1973,UN38.3, CE and UKCA, satisfying the requirements from global customers.

Storage Inverter: TOPBAND TBE series inverter can meet the needs ofgrid-connected and off-grid systems at the same time. It can not only realizegrid-connected and off-grid functions, but also realize bidirectional controlof electric energy. Intelligent control can realize highly autonomous energyscheduling.

In addition, the TOPBAND Off Grid series is compatiblewith a variety of batteries and perfectly matched, more charging/ dischargingpower options, and the off-grid switching time is less than 12ms, supports DC arcprotection, and the DC side is equipped with secondary surge protection asstandard to provide continuous protection for safer electricity.

BMS for Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage: BMS for TOPBAND's industrial and commercialenergy storage is a new generation of energy storage battery management systemindependently developed based on the application characteristics of the energystorage system. It is mainly composed of BAU, BCU, BMU and related wiringharnesses.

The BMS can perform not only remote monitoring, OTAupgrade, big data analysis, security warning and other features through theT-smart cloud platform, but also charge and discharge management, active andpassive balance management, and thermal management. In addition, this BMS can achievemore accurate and intelligent SOX estimation to extend the service life of thebatteries.

In terms of safety, TOPBAND's industrial andcommercial energy storage BMS is based on BMS body safety and securitymanagement technology to ensure end system security, and the security of theT-smart cloud system is achieved in combination with Pass and Sass platforms,finally achieving the overall security design.

The BMS adopts a unique two-way active equalizationtechnology, which is estimated to improve the service life by more than 12% andincrease the economic benefits of the energy storage system by more than 10%over the full life cycle.

Charging piles and EV chargers: TOPBAND provides various charging solutions suchas wall-mounted chargers and charging piles for new energy vehicles, which aresuitable for a variety of charging modes with multiple power versions andhuman-machine interaction styles, effectively raising the charging efficiency,improving user experience and reducing maintenance costs.

TOPBAND's charging piles and wall-mounted chargers areequipped with excellent safety protection, which can well achieve protectionagainst short circuits, overcurrent, overvoltage, thunder and lightning andelectric leakage.

TOPBAND's Wall-mounted chargers support intelligentAPP operation and connection via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 4G, suitable for privategarages and commercial parking spaces.

TOPBAND's DC charging piles feature excellent noisereduction, heat dispersion performance, and high charging efficiency, coveringall models and suitable for the new energy vehicle charging stations.

EES Europe 2023 provides an exchange and cooperationplatform for outstanding enterprises and professionals in the new energyindustry and promotes the development and application of new energytechnologies. The appearance of TOPBAND at the fair shows its spirit ofcontinuous innovation and confidence in the future of the industry and injectsmore vitality into the development of the new energy industry.

As an innovative leader in the new energy industry,TOPBAND will continue to make efforts in the new energy field and keep makingprogress in product and technological innovation, and work with customers andpartners in the industry to build a more intelligent and low-carbon world!